Who are we?

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We are a group of people of various nationalities, West African, Moroccan and European, who are dedicated to exposing the human rights abuses in Morocco caused by the European Union’s border policy. 

oujda round up

Tens of thousands of West African migrants in Morocco are violently and systematically abused on a daily basis by police funded by the European Union, and are also denied basic needs like food, clothes shelter, medicine, childcare,  education, the right to work and the right to protection from racist violence. Tens of thousands of Moroccans are also living in poverty and suffering from human rights abuses as well, and so also wish to cross the border to Europe for their own reasons. They to are denied the right to freedom of movement.

 We want to encourage people in the rest of the world to show solidarity to migrants and refugees suffering human rights abuses in Morocco by donating money, resources, time and energy to create new humanitarian associations to meet these basic needs, as well as by putting pressure on the European Union and Moroccan government to stop the violence against West African migrants.

In order to encourage people to show solidarity in these ways we believe it is necessary to be constantly documenting testimony of migrants themselves about what they are experiencing, and constantly distributing such testimony far and wide, along with requests for humanitarian and political assistance. 

What You Can Do

As well as donations (which can be given via Paypal or by credit or debit card by clicking the link below) we are also very much in need of new volunteers to come and help us to record these testimonies.

Anyone, regardless of nationality, is welcome to come and stay at our headquarters so long as they are working on the project, for as long or short a time as they can. If you are interested in volunteering, or have any other questions, please contact us at contact@interzonevoices.com

Donate Button with Credit Cards

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